decorative ceramics

My name is Tereza and I create and sell handmade ceramics under the trademark TeraKera. My passion for ceramics started at art school, where I studied this beautiful craft. Since 2011, I have led a ceramics workshop in an adult day care facility where I combine art and work therapy.


At the same time, I worked on my personal portfolio to the great delight of my friends, who were my first customers. The idea of TeraKera was born from their enthusiastic response as well as from my desire to grow as an artist.


I am intrigued by the shapes and textures of everyday objects, such as utensils, cardboard boxes, pieces of fabric or fragments of plastic. I create each component of the final design individually and then join them into the final form I envisioned. At the end, I decorate each piece using different finishes, including engobes, metal oxides and glazes.


I hope my art brings you as much joy as it brought me when I created it.




Tereza Hrdinova